Emulating Logic Pro X or Garagebank Synthesizers

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I am looking for a way to perform some of my music live on my Nord Piano 2, but the issue is that the instruments for those songs are Apple Logic Pro X instruments.

Would it be possible to emulate these instruments in Zynthian? For example, the one synthesiser is called “Solo Star” and based on what I can see in Logic it is a synth basic with a tape delay and a few other effects.

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Hi @lyznav!

Nice to meet you … and welcome to the zynthian community! :wink:

Zynthian can’t run Apple (Audio Unit) or Windows (VST) plugins. It can only run LV2 plugins, that is the “de-facto” linux-native plugin format. So, unless the creators of your “Logic Pro” instruments release a LV2 version, it’s not possible to use your plugins with Zynthian.

Anyway, zynthian includes a set of instruments and effects, including synths and delays, so perhaps you can get a decent approach of the sound you want, or perhaps you find something that sounds better, who knows!!?? :wink:

Here is an incomplete list of the synths and effects included with zynthian:


This is list is ever growing and, of course, you can add any LV2 plugin you want …

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LV2 plugins compiled for ARM architecture - not for X86… or (the best way) LV2 plugins as source code.

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Of course, well punctualized … although most of LV2 plugins are available as free software and can be compiled for ARM architecture :wink:

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Is there an emulator for the Zynthian? Something that one can use to try out the sound.

Yes, but it’s intended for developpers, and it’s not easy to install and configure. But you can test the different engines and plugins by installing them in your computer.

Where should I start if I want to install in ubuntu/linux?

You should start by the setup script: