Enabling and disabling effects via push button

I intend to use the Zynthian purely as an FX pedal for a particular experimental setup. Is there a way to switch effects on and off using the push buttons on the V4 kit, so that I can bypass the chain of effects when I don’t want them to modify the incoming sound.

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This is similar to the discussion we are having about Sooperlooper. Many effects have a bypass parameter that can be masked to a CC. A recent enhancement allows CC to act as a toggle which can help to make Zynthian work more like a stomp box.

ZynDistortion does not appear to have a bypass perimeter, unfortunately.

I have a related question.
Is it possible to map the S1 - S4 buttons to toggle controls?
I’ve tried doing this via MIDI learn, but to no avail.

Most effects in mod-ui have bypass parameter, but outside of mod-ui I haven’t found any that have it.

MOD-UI add a bypass toggle to all FXs.
Zynthian currently doesn’t, so we relay in the plugin implementing such a toggle, but many doesn’t have such a toggle. This should be improved in zynthian.


At least I have managed to map the switches to some of the contrals. Only heads to switch the wiring to V4 CC Switches.

I’m trying to access mod-ui via http://zynthian.local:8888, but I’m getting a connection error, as if the service were not running.
I checked the mod-ui user guide, but couldn’t find any information about this particular issue.
Must it be enabled somewhere?

Have you added a chain with mod-ui?

Nope. Thanks for the heads-up!
Zynthian truly is the gift that keeps on giving.

I actually thought about buying a Mod Dwarf.
No longer needed, it seems.