Encoder "auto" wiring option


I had the idea of setting up a small test program (which should be easy reached in the menu) for setting up the encoders (mine are working counter clock wise)… something like: press upper left encoder, turn upper left encoder right, …

The program listens to events after printing what to do and writes down a configuration. No more setting up the encoder-wiring-type by ssh.

Regards, Holger

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Hi Holger!

This script will be really useful and i think it would be funny to program. Let’s brainstorm about it …

  • In the perfect world, it should have an option of searching for controllers in the available GPIO expanders, like the MCP230XX.

  • Also, in a second iteration, some “graphical-feedbak” would be nice. The script should shows graphically what you have to do, and after, you should get feedback of the controller action (like the typical MIDI-learning procedure). In other words, the “script” should be fully integrated in the Zynthian GUI.

  • Another option is to include it in the upcoming “web config tool”. In fact, it should be nice to have this feature in both the “Zynthian GUI” and the “Web Config Tool”. Ideally, using the same codebase, with a different “view” layer.

  • Different controller configurations should be possible: “4 controller + 4 switches” is the current reference, but having different arrangements should be possible. I’m starting to re-think the GUI in that way …