Encoder v3 kit failure

Hello ! After few days, the bottom left encoder is failling to change smoothly the parameters for my synth, can it be an hardware failure ? :frowning:

Here is a video of the problem :

Thank you!

Looks like it. You might swap the those 2 encoders to see if the problem moves or not.
i.e. swap the 2 connectors. If the problem moves it’s the encoder or cable , if not, it’s the zynscreen, Then you can swap the cables to verify it’s not the cable. Also check the solder around the connector pins.


I’ve had similar effects with ribbon cable connection issues, as BrainStormer says swap them around and wiggle some connectors…

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It seems like a broken encoder or bad contact. Please, re-check that the connector is inserted correctly. Also try to swap connectors and wires to determine where the problem is:

  • JST connector (display)
  • harness connector (wire)
  • encoder

I will send you a replacement as soon as you confirm where the problem is.


In your case, ribbon cable is nor the problem because encoders data is transferred using the I2C bus, so a problem with the i2C bus will cause all encoders to fail, not only one.