Encoders Broken when insterting the knobs


in the last step of finish my new Kit, I broke 1 encoder while pushing the knob and the other 3 are a bit touchy to use. I try to fix them with pliers to reshape the metal tabs and kinda of work,
as a feed back will be best to supply the knobs with screw attach. I will be ordering new knobs kits soon.
other than this glitch my zynthinan is Awesome.


Maybe we need a Caveat here

When the encoders are mounted. IIRC, people forget the counter pressure when they put the knob on the encoder.


Hi Balam!

I really sorry your problems with the encoders while inserting the knobs.
It’s an old issue and it’s well documented in the wiki tutorial:


It says:

Insert the knobs
You should insert the knobs into the encoders before closing the case. This will avoid forcing the encoders too much as otherwise, you could break them. Follow these simple steps and you wouldn’t have any problem:
+ moisten with water or saliva the encoder stem
+ press the encoder with the finger from the rear while pushing the knob from the front until is completely inserted

Anyway, i will send you a replacement ASAP. Just tell me how many do you need … :wink:



And i would mention as well, that you shouldn’t plug them in yet at this section:

Secure the Controllers
Fix the 4 controller modules to the case cover using the 4 bolts and washers attached to every rotary encoder.

And link to the final steps


OK! You are right, @mheidt :wink:
I will change the tutorial …


Thanks Jofemodo.
I damage all 4 ( rotation works fine but the pushbutton randomly works )
you Have my address
looking forward and thanks for the replacement.



The replacement is on the way :wink:


Hi Jofemodo, I still not receive the encoders yet, it is a bit tricky to navigate the interface with broken encoder
Do you know how long the mail system takes ?


The encoders were shipped a few days ago, so it should arrive in this week.
I’ve the tracking code, but, as it’s not a regular order, it’s not registered in the system. If it doesn’t arrive in this week, i will search the code :wink:



I just got them