Encoders not working as expected - Wiring issue?

Hi everyone,

I just received and assembled my Zynthian 4.6 kit to upgrade from my Zynthian 2.

I’m confident in my assembling, although I’m not immune to mistakes, and I already know the interface but somehow, I can’t really make it work.

My problem is that the layer encoder doesn’t seem to do anything when pressed. The 4 rotary knobs function as expected and I was able to program one of the switch knob to go back to the main menu but I was wondering if maybe there is something to configure in the wiring page of the web UI to have the push button on the layer encoder work as well. It is a bit daunting though.

I have of course done the mandatory “turn off and on again” maneuver a few times but have not yet try to reinstall a new image.

Does anyone have experienced this issue ?

Happy to have your input on the matter.

Welp, I decided to check one more time my assembling and discovered that the ribbon cable for the screen, while plugged in was slightly loose/uneven on one side. Gently pushed it back in and voila, my zynthian is now fixed and seems to be fully functional.
Let it serve for other simpleton such as I, better re-re-check than assume it requires brain.

That being said, I can’t help but notice how complicated the configuration/navigation has gotten since earlier versions to accommodate for all the new awesome features. Curious to know how everyone is using the 4 extra switches. Whether for navigation or performance use.

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Hi @eamonn! Good to hear you fixed it. Would you mind please giving some examples of where you think things are more complex? There has been a concerted effort to make the workflow more streamline and intuitive so I am really keen to know where we can improve.

Maybe my phrasing was misleading, I certainly didn’t meant to say it was overly complex but rather that it had evolve quite a bit since earlier versions (I haven’t religiously updated my zynthian 2 as of late). I’ve been used to mainly navigate between the main screen to create/delete layers and switch between layers but now with the zynseq, the main output with SooperLooper, the mixer, etc. I need to wrap my mind around the different new (to me) pages and the structure of the system. Hence my question about others use of the four extra switch. I’ll dive into the forum to read on former discussions about this.

By absolutely every metric, I think it is as good as it gets and cannot imagine how it could have been done better but now I need to learn a few more things :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for the feedback. Check out the user guide on the wiki where you will find pictures showing signal flow and navigation / control.