Error on boot screen [SOLVED]


And now there remains only one duty . . . …

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@wyleu if only your profile pic was not so grainy, you’d already be a meme :rofl:


It would be useful (and very helpful to new users) to display an informative error message instead of just a red ERROR image. Something that would give the user a clue as to what the actual problem is and/or detailed directions on how to attempt to resolve it.


The error message displayed isn’t so much a message as an image and what with the possibility of different screen resolutions there are many situations where you can actually get nothing but it would certainly help if the machine did report as much of its connectedness as its confused little brain could manage at that moment…


Detecting and displaying a useful error report at this stage is not so easy. I’ve managed to show the IP, that is just what you need to connect with the webconf tool and inspect the UI-log.



Of course, i will think about it … :wink:


Without betraying too many confidences the picture isn’t actually me. In real life I am far more beautiful.!


Sorry, but you are that picture, here :stuck_out_tongue:


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@C0d3man i could look way more dead… :slight_smile:

My avatar is taken from one of IMHO my best photos: … . And apparently it was also for the hundredth people, sites, and magazines, that stole it and used it without credits… :frowning:


I ll just leave this here…


Pardon, but I don`t understand why you enter this thread for talking about your pictures.
There is an other place for jokes, aren’t there?


Sorry if you feel we have not been respectful in some way, The title changing to [Solved] is probably part of the reason, and personally I can’t imagine anything as unfunny as a special place set aside for jokes on a generally technical forum.

Personally I make a fair bit of effort to help people here because I have a very strongly developed belief in this project and great respect for the people involved. Of these I’ve only met one person in the flesh and that involved a flight across most of Europe. So the normal human interactions that arise naturally from the effort we employ is, to me, I sign of the strength of the community.
As I say I hope you don’t feel offended, because one of the things that did get discussed at the face to face meeting (amongst much else) was how do we build the community and make people feel welcomed?
The conclusions were:
1/ Very active efforts to address and help people with any kind of problem, which I would claim is something we do very well.
2/ Make personally engineered requests of people to provide sound samples from their constructed zynthians to both provide a sense of closure and demonstrate what people can do with the device.

As the self appointed clown of the site, I have maybe let the mask slip a little, and maybe this reply, as well as being a little too long, might demonstrate a little bit more devious planning than might at first be evident, but please indulge our childish humour, it get’s the post count up and allows me another way of requesting sound samples and a location on a map without repeating myself, and also allows community members a little insight into the half mad types of human beings that get involved in such projects!!!



Hi Wyleu,

I had to used Goggle Translator to understand your long answer. The answer should not seem so hard, so that you feel hurt and send me a bomb. I’m not humorless but thinging if other people who need help read something like that, avoid the forum because it seems to be an teenage area.




Hi Roman!

There is not such a place in the forum because until now we have been quite comfortable making jokes whenever we felt it has sense to make a joke. I don’t like rules too much and normally prefer that respect and common sense be the driver of human interaction.

Of course, “respect” and “common sense” are subjective subjects, but until know, with very little exceptions, this forum has worked very well without fixed rules.

IMHO, @wyleu’s avatar origin is important enough to be discussed at the end of a very interesting but solved thread. Moreover when our beloved @wyleu has contributed to the resolution of the problem: Meritum merito licentiam (Merit deserves license!)

I hope you don’t feel uncomfortable with this way of doing things. I understand your good intention and really appreciate it, so don’t be worried by this tiny incident. Simply, be relaxed and enjoy the community and your zynthian :heart_eyes:


At the beginning of this forum i was tempted of sending some video-bomb to @wyleu, or completely banning him from the forum. His english is terrible and really difficult to understand (he’s english, of course!). Don’t think for a moment that Google Translator can understand his words, my friend!! :grin: