Error on Wiki

Anyone notice the build error in this picture?

Always double check your ribbon cable is plugged in correctly.
Missed a whole row on the hifiberry in that picture.


Nice catch, @BrainStormer ! :+1: I missed that flaw the first time I saw that picture. A small error, but a critical one!

The picture seems to be correct. I guess the row you are missing is behind the plug on the hifiberry acd+dac. Is not a notPro!

No it’s wrong. Zoom in

Oh, sorry you are right, if you mean the input connector. It should be a 5pin plug, right?



Ups! Little error. I will fix it in the next photo session.
I hope nobody get confused with this … :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


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Strolls purposely into the legal department and starts cracking whips . . . .

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