Error screen when power off

When I try to power off Zynthian using Admin->Power off->Do you really want to…->Yes I get the following ERROR screen screen and Zynthian won’t shut down.

I was always able to shut down the device using this option previously, but I started getting this error today. The error persists after rebooting and after unplugging the power cable.

Any ideas?

What version of Zynthian are your running?

I have V4

What version of the software. It is easiest to show this by copying the webconf dashboard which shows lots of useful info for diagnostics.

There you go!

Great! And what instruments and plugins do you have configured in chains when you try to shutdown?

Midi Ch3 is also cloned to Ch2

It is strange that you are suddenly suffering issues. It looks like the box hasn’t been updated for some time (since April). You could try running an update to see if anything improves and also there is a new stable release out that you might want to try. (I suggest installing on a separate SD card.)

I actually ran an update last week, but I am not sure whether it went through. I tried again now via http://zynthian.local/sw-update but the system doesn’t let me to.

I just ran a fresh update and the problem with the error screen persists.


I also have the problem sometimes. If I want to turn off the synth, after a certain time it then splits back into the main screen. If I try to turn it off again, it will work. I installed the latest (fresh sd) version 3 days ago and am absolutely new to this system.

I hope this helps…

@Riban, I noticed that the error always comes to me when I turn off the Zynthian while the sequencer is running. Maybe this can be fixed?

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Zynthian has a supervisor wrapper that detects the exit code of the core python code and reacts accordingly. If there is a bug in the python code then it may exit with the wrong code and result in unexpected results including showing the error screen, failing to reboot, etc.

I am working on some core refactoring which currently suffers from an issue with rebooting and shutdown. That has bubbled towards the top of my TODO list but it is likely that the changes / fixes I need to do may not filter back to the current stable release (due to the substantial changes in software architecture) so the issue may persist for a little longer. It will all get better soon though…


Moin @riban, the mistake isn’t that bad either. I’m already looking forward to him being history soon anyway. :wink:

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