ESP32 rtpmidi drum sequencer

Recently, I have been working on a drum sequencer to trigger my zynthian with… Today I made some really good progress and I was going to upload a video here with a quick demo but couldn’t because of file size limits… I was really excited to show you too…

I will probably do a proper YouTube of it at some point, but here you can see the display, at least…

(It photo shows 2 lines for the current step, but there is only one, it is moving)


We want the video … :stuck_out_tongue:

I wanna share it too, just too big for this forum …

That’s nice!
How do you control it?

I have build a Gizmo
for the same purpose, but my build is a bit fiddly so the controls are quite annoying.

ESP32 + Max7219? Looks like an inexpensive but powerful combo :+1:

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Here you go then… hurry up though before youtube put another copyright strike on me again!

so you should see the following :-
First i reboot the ESP32. This one is in arduino form factor to allow me to use hats. I have a hat here that breaks out 3 pins, +V G and S for each pin.

Then you see the boot sequence
Once booted, it starts running the sequencer
i move the camera so you see me connect to it via rtpMIDI which is already connected to zynthian
then you can hear zynthian play the drum sounds
finally, i change the tempo with an attached pot

The midi is all done over wifi / rtpmidi


The hardware build is sort of getting closer.

And the esp32 based web editor seems to be coming together too.

Hopefully I will have even more progress to show you soon.


Presently… A lot more stuff is now in the box. Changed the matrix from red to blue, because I prefer it. Used a couple of bits of left over greenhouse stuff to start templating out the controls. Getting closer though.

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