/etc/systemd/system/backlight.service:6: Failed to add dependency on splash-screen

So every time I power on and shut down the Zynthian I see this message pop up across the top of the screen:

/etc/systemd/system/backlight.service:6: Failed to add dependency on splash-screen, ignoring: unknown error -22

It doesn’t ever seem to affect anything so I just keep on going. It’s always been there and I do see the zynthian start up screen appear immediately after. Since I’m getting more familiar with the device now and really starting to use it more I figured I should find out if it’s a real issue.

I didn’t turn up anything with this error message in a search, so I thought I’d ask.

No advice from anyone on this issue?

I figured I wasn’t the only person seeing this. I was able to find the term in a search, but the focus of that was about sound cards I think and no one mentioned this error text. So I think it was an incidental mention for them and un-related.

I’ve seen it and ignored it for some considerable time as I normally work with hdmi monitors or 7" touchscreens.

There’s another one on updates in testing branch,

The following signatures were invalid: EXPKEYSIG 1DCC29D5F18761E8 home:sfztools OBS Project home:sfztools@build.opensuse.org

I and @riban briefly discussed it but got back to bug chasing.

It might be worth submitting a bug request to squelch it and add it to the todo list.

I have recorded that one as ticket #668.

Aahhh… so it’s related to the 7” screen. That makes sense. So my non standard build is throwing the message. I can live with that knowing it’s part of the monster I created with my own three hands.


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You should see the hellish collection of zynthian mutants I have around here!