Example Metronome

How does it work?
I loaded it guessing there is a tempo setting and a PLAY/STOP but not.

Iā€™m not sure about the global metronome, but you can add a Generator Chain that is a metronome, and there you have all the controls.


UPDATE: You can also hear the global metronome playing any sequence in the Zynpad.

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The builtin metronome only plays whilst jack transport is running. This is true when a sequence is playing or MIDI file is being played. We want to revisit this during the next round of development when we review the sequencer including its transport interaction. Sorry - this is suboptimal but we are aware and plan to improve in the future. For now, play a sequence (even an empty on) to start the transport and enable the metronome.

better to use C Click - Metronome*: this pluging can be found in C* Click - Metronome http://zynthian.local/sw-jalv-lv2