Export as separate tracks

Hello guys,

Is there a way to get(record) the audio stream of the 16 channels separately?

Let me explain,
I used to work with a “full hardware” setup (with an hardware sequencer) and then mix my synth tracks on another setup (with a computer).
Also, having separate tracks is an important criterion for me.
So I’d like a way to record the audio stream of the 16 channels from Zynthian
any ideas how can I possibly do that?


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Hi @Loud65,

as long as you have the Hifiberry DAC, you have 2 audio outputs or 1 stereo out. So you have to record in case of 16 used channels 16 times. Using a clock from your hardware sequencer it should be possible to sync the 16 (or may be more) channels/tracks.
Maybe it is possible to stack 8 or 16 Hifiberry DACs? But then you need a PC audio converter with 16 or 32 inputs…

Best Regards

Hi @Loud65!

The answer is “yes, but must be implemented” :wink:
First of all, i must remark that Zynthian uses jack audio, and there are several ways of routing multi-channel audio through a network with it. I would try zita-njbridge in first place, but there are 2 or 3 options more.

Currently all the audio output is sent to the hardware audio device (Hifiberry DAC+ or similar), but the next SD image will include the MOD web interface and will be easy to configure a multi-channel audio system, sending the audio output of each plugin-chain to a different virtual output and routing everything through the ethernet connection to a desktop computer with jack and a DAW for recording.

By now, you could try to route the audio through the ethernet connection using zita-njbridge or other option. It would be the first step.

If you get it, we will do the next step when the new SD image is ready, in a few weeks.

Kind Regards!

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Hi @jofemodo!

The answer is "yes {…


…} but must be implemented"

Yes, I thought so :wink:

Anyway, this is good news! :slight_smile:

And if I go a little further… (being fully aware that this is not an available function but “to be implemented”, of course)
we can imagine a small internal application that records audio from the 16 tracks to a USB flash drive for example?
Is it possible?
Because I guess that would imply that this application (a simple recorder, but multitrack) is in some ways to a “higher level” of the Zynthian firmware …

I just try to think of solutions for the most flexibility and options while maintaining the compact size of the Zynthian Box (I would avoid if possible all the solutions entailing independent “physical” outputs)

I have a Korg Electribe2 which records its 16 tracks directly on the SD card and it is very handy …
So we forget that it has only one stereo output :slight_smile:

Of course. It would be perfectly possible. We could use something like “meterec” or implement the recording feature ad-hoc.


We could use something like “meterec”

Yes that’s it,
Indeed, I thought something like this… :wink:

or implement the recording feature ad-hoc.

Ok! Thank you very much!