Extension micro SD adapter

Hi, anyone used an extended sdCard slot to avoid frustrating card exchange while testing versions or need to rewrite fresh images :grin:?.. my zynthian Is a v1 with DuPont wires and every time i open It it’s scaring …:joy::joy:

Yes i am using this version…

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Yes… next step: Shorten cable… You’ve Simply Hidden inside, i think

Yes is all inside the case…

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I’m necroing this thread because I have a hard time getting my SDcard in and out of the Zynthian v4!

It’s crazy, but I already broke two SDcards while getting them out of there.
Don’t know if I am doing it wrong, or how to get the move just right.
Please tell me your techniques.

I already figured out some don’ts:

  • Don’t use any pliers, even if you think your fingers are too fat. SDcards can be really fragile and don’t like to be squeezed hard.
  • Even the nail of the thump can be quite scratchy and the hole in the case is quite small. I wouldn’t say don’t but be careful using it.

Using an extension cable seems to be a really smart solution - especially while testing!