Extra Switches: Sustain Pedal, Panic Button, etc


OK, you WON!

I will make my own MIDI pedalboard.:muscle:

Are you happy now??

:grinning: :grinning: :grinning:


Very Much so…

Now does it have single pole or C/O switches . . . .??

Or do you do the volume level from a pedal on AtoD?

This needs a new brain…


I don´t know. It´s a prototype. I’ll see what I need :wink:

Pedal switches are on the road from Ali.

My idea is to add foot-volume analog JACK input for using ANY foot volume controll.

Just analog in -> midi out. Plus cca 4 buttons in 3 banks (or with different type of send commands)


Which Pedal switches? I’d go for Black & White … I’ve got the Amazon default in six colour in two sizes… I will see how durable they are .

How would you set the MIDI channel? The unholy pursuit of MIDI channel (0/1) is unseemly and in the zynthian world doesn’t allow us to differentiate by layer.
To avoid irritating start up dances it would need to be non-volatile.

I still think a modification of the All-in-one encoder board and ‘just a bit of coding’ ™ could render up a very serviceable extension for the zynthian board family. All it would need is to be allocated a new encoder board ID. :smiley:


I’m on the beginning of the journey. I can send anything i will need :male_detective:


Well it is the time when design uses up nothing but neurons.

A Zynth and a pedal board is a great combination, for bass pedals.

Actually daft question of the session. How would TWO All-in-one encoder boards play on the bus?

Would you have two sets of encoders ( one at body height and one set on the pedal board and would they both function ( Don’t even ask about MIDI…?)


All it would need is to be allocated a new encoder board ID.

Next AllInOne board in size of HAT which can be stacked? With settable MCP23017 addresses. Each HAT gives 16 inputs/outputs. I know that adding encoder connectors, DIP MCP23017 and MIDI electronics are hard to squeeze to this little PCB, but still. Which makes things more complicated, that AllInOne board must have traces for two 40 pin connector, with same spacing as HiFiberry boards. This adds possibility stack HAT-s.


The encoder board can be passed as 8 or so pins that could be implemented on the encoder boards and then you wouldn’t need the 40 pin connector if you didn’t want to use 40 pin ribbons.
If truth if you were doing 'lot’s of switches ( Kaos…) then you would be probably doing it in arduino like thing probably. What I’m playing around with on this thread is the idea of localised extension of the zynthian bus using 12c. It’s kicked off a pedal board debate and as this an opens source project it pays to define some kind of structure if you possibly can.
Ultimately the zynth has kept careful control of it’s interface and we as a community want to preserve that ethos as much as we can, but develop useful musical concepts that we can entrench.

And it gives the individuals writing the code ideas as well and ultimately they really decide what goes into the base repos :smiley:

Wyleu preach mode off…


For stacking boards still all 40 pins must be routed. If one wants basic Zynthian, gets one board as kit, who wants more knobs, buttons, pedals etc can order additional kit, leave MIDI part of PCB unpopulated and stack encoder boards as much as required On top one can add DAC board too.


Ok I’ll give you stacked :smiley:

You will also have noticed I nicked your ™


OK! This is implemented now.

I’m still thinking about the best way of configuring the other “extra” switches.
Thanks for your ideas, guys!! :wink:



At last White smoke!! :smiley:


Sorry … my life is currently so busy with family affairs that it’s hard to follow the discussion …

Thanks for your understanding!! :kissing_heart:


Hi @zynthianers!

Finally i make the hole in my zynthian alu-case and got my panic button:

Do you think i should add this button as part of the standard kit?
Making the hole is not difficult, but it’s a lot simpler to let the lasser-cutter make the hole in the right place, with the exact size, etc.


Midi panic button
Feature Request: Panic Button in ZynAddSubFX and others

Yes it should be added.


Could it not go on the back panel? Looks a bit odd on the side, and it will get bumped easily if it’s sat next to other equipment.


But a “panic button” have to be easily accessible for being fully functional. You should see the button all the time …

Anyway … let’s ask to the community … :wink:

Hi @zynthianers!

What do you think is the right place for an official “panic button”?

  • Back
  • Right-Side
  • Front
  • Top

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It shouldn’t be too easy. You don’t want to press it by accident. I would place it close to a cable outlet, so that it won’t be pressed when you move it or when it gets moved.


Nord Keyboard synth and rack modules have the button on the front panel.
If you’re afraid to hit the button by mistake, put two button in serie so that they must both be pressed to activate panic feature. Both on the front panel, and well visibile.


I like this idea. Easy to access, on front panel, but two separate buttons, something like Novation Launchkey Octave and Track buttons (left upper part of picture). Second good idea is to place button somewhere near cable connector, makes harder to press by accident.