Extra Switches (sw1): Sustain Pedal, Panic Button, etc


Or you press two or more of the existing buttons. No need for an extra one.
Do I hear a “Burn the heretic” ?


Pushing 2 buttons currently has a function: XY touch-controller :wink:


thats why I said “or more”…using both hands and pushing all 4 would be an appropriate reaction :slight_smile:


I want two of these:
A two-hand punch and a curse, and here we go! :smiley:


Would you use a car, where you have two big panic buttons on the dashboard :slight_smile:

I like a non-visible solution.


YES, I WOULD! Because they obviously activate the front BGM-71 launchers! :wink:

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The problem is not zynthians but midi’s


Wenn could write that in big letters under those big panic buttons.


Hello fellow Zynthian users,

I’d like to see one or more mini buttons at the back of the case for that purpose.
If the MIDI LEDs are orientated to the top left of the corresponding MIDI jack, the space might be enough for one or two push buttons next to the “ventilation” holes.
I could imagine that the buttons could be placed where the zynthian logo cvurrently is.

Just my 2 cents…
Greetings and Gd bless you,


I could use a PANIC better, that restarts zynthian-ui.
Especially when I play with lv2, they tend to hang and the UI freezes.


Hi @zynthianers!

Our friend @gmeader has added an entry to the wiki explaining all this:


Thanks a lot, @gmeader! Your work in the wiki is really fantastic … and sooooo important for the project!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Start /Stop Audio Recording as an another command option?

Or is this question really what CC control codes should we use to start and stop the Zynthian Recording Modes…?

  • 85-90
    are free . . . .

85 Audio Record Start
86 Audio Record Stop
87 MIDI Record Start
88 MIDI Record Stop
89 Both Record Start
90 Both Record Stop

Al thou The Motor61 uses . …
119 Record toggling between 127 Red light on & 0 red light off
120 Loop toggling between 127 Red light on & 0 red light off
118 Play sends 127 But toggle off by Stop Button
117 Stop sends 127 turns off play ff & rewind
116 FF sends 127 but toggle off by Stop Button
115 Rewind sends 127 toggle off by stop Button.

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Let’s think about it:

  • We should use Master Channel

  • MMC should be the right way to follow:


    The “Motor” should be using this and not arbitrary MIDI CCs. Perhaps there is some config option …

  • As we have MIDI & Audio Recording, we should have some flag to select what we want to control.



Agreed, lets grab any standard that exists . . .
The main reason I suggested this approach was we could use the extra 1/0 buttons as transport control without any software re-writes on the webconf side.

The nice part about using th i/o buttons is that testing the Audio record facilities become much quicker to operate without having to go throu’ the GUI . . .


We should support the standard MMC, and also have the possibility of using the extra buttons. For that, i could add some OSC commands to the API. It should be done anyway …



@wyleu, could you do some research about the Motor supporting MMC?
Any controller with transport buttons should support MMC …



I used the webconf midi log to report the messages. I’ll have a look around, I’m still looking for anything about the Motor 61’s MIDI support, I’ve seen the video you did of the flying faders but I’ve not got that running yet (did you put that branch on to main trunk? and was it MIDI or 5pin din based or doesn’t it matter?). Where did you get the information you used for this or did you just speculate accurately?

I’m assuming we are sticking to operation mode MIDI not mc.

What will we do about Device ID?

Aaah right from manual reading …

  1. TRANSPORT MODE – rotate the DATA knob to select the assignment of the

transport buttons from: MMC, MIDI, MMC+MIDI, MIDI Control, or MIDI Note.

I’ll get back to you.

Looks like you want to be in MMC + MIDI.
YOu get clock pulses from the play button and the stop button stop it, these emerge at the tempo set by the motor 61
The fast froward and rewind buttons send out successive song position pointer increasing and decreasing on button choice.

If in just the MMC mode only play and stop send anything.
Can’t seem to get any life out of the record button but perhaps this has to be armed…

A more complete manual … and the first time I’ve seen this manual…

What will we do about Device ID?

MMC Wikipedia

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Hi everyone,
I’ve added the Panic Button and it works. But if I select All Off for bold press, the ui crashes. There is no problem with All Notes Off or All Sounds Off, which I’m using now. So, this is just a little bugreport.


Could you send the UI logs?



You, do of course realise @uli, we will be expecting a contribution. . . . .

and pictures are always nice !!