Extracted and locking a tempo

The discussions about MIDI recording re-ignited an old interest of mine. Perhaps it was covering the ring this morning. I scertainly got metronomic :smiley:

Extracted a beat from a performance.

A Phase Locked loop if you will that could set the overall clock beat of the zynthian and thereby sync the various components of the system.

Has anyone experience of such a component and any observations on tap tempos and other such issues? Would the ability to express a tempo as crochets & quavers or even triplets have a relevance and how, ultimately would you time lock recording to this for reliable playback?

Are you thinking of extracting tempo from an audio recording?

Yes. It is, after all, what the whole business is about…

Regarding beat detection, I just digged the following link from my bookmarks: Beat This > Beat Detection Algorithm
I was looking on some methods a few years ago and tested some in Matlab. There are many different algorithms, probably also some machine learning stuff from recent years (compared to the link I sent which build upon traditional signal processing). How well do they work? Well, probably also depends on the songs/material you use them. I think there are some libraries out there, having this functionality :wink: