Failed to install some required plugins

Hi to you all,

I am new in this great world of Zynthian.
After working a couple of weeks to understand the Zynthian project i have some issues.
First of all building the hardware isn´t ready yet.
In between i want to understand the software.

When i look at the browser to the pedalboards library i see a couple of empty pedalboards (except the Default on of course).

When i click on it i get the error: “Failed to install some required plugins, do you want to load the pedalboard anyway?”

So the plugins ain’t on the right place.
I see the plugins in the recipe folder. ( i think)
I’ve also installed the great “BETA-Tests: more LV2 plugins for MOD-UI”
Update succeeded.
What am i doing wrong ?

Thanks for you answer.

Hi @Janr,

welcome to Zynthian! Let’s try to help you.

I am sure that the problems are missing path variables. All plugins should be installed at $ZYNTHIAN_SW_DIR and not in the recipes folder.

Are you trying to install on top of a normal Zynthian SD image or on your own?

Can you check the following?

ssh root@<ZYNTHIAN-IP>

If you don’t get anything like “/zynthian/zynthian-sw” you have to update.

cd /zynthian/zynthian-sys/scripts/

… and if you have a really fresh image @jofemodo says :wink:: you have to update twice:


(you can try to update as often as you like). THE UPDATES ARE TAKING MUCH TIME! After that:


After rebooting you should remove the complete /zynthian/zynthian-recipe folder and start checking out and compiling again. After this you should have the plugins (and several other data) at the right place and the pedalboards library should look better.

HtH - Regards, Holger

It was exactly what i needed.
Thanks for the great answer. It looks wonderful.

Keeping up the good work.

Regards, Jan.