Fantastic (free) synths and how to use them: DiscoDSP OB-Xd | MusicRadar

Good & very detailed article about obxd.

And a lot of interesting points about analog and digital synths - their respective strengths and weaknesses, well worth reading. Thanks!

It is a well presented article that doesn’t patronise experienced users but provides a good introduction to novice users. It helped me to better understand OB-Xd but left me wondering how the Zynthian implementation relates to the commercial version provided by DisoDSP, specifically what the licence is for the Zynthian version.

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DiscoDSP get some flack for this as they really can’t do that under the terms of the GPL.

This is a bit different to the Linuxsampler issue because OB-Xd was released as GPL before DiscoDSP took over managing the source and added their proprietary frontend code and extra terms. If your building from source then it shouldn’t be covered.

I am not a lawyer.

Also discussed here: disco dsp obx xd 2.4 free for used not commercial - LinuxMusicians

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