Favorite list for LV2 effect plugins

Just a question.
How convenient it could be to have favorite plugins in favorines list like we have with engines presets ? Can the same mechanism of “Favorites” be used here ?
So tired of scrolling down, looking for the effects I need, specially with rotary contols.
Easier with touchscreen, but still could give more usability and save time.

@dhrupadiya the same mechanism does already exist within effects but that isn’t actually what you want!!! If you add a plugin and that plugin has presets then you can tag a preset as a favourite. I think you are looking for something different where you can tag plugins (not presets) as favourites. If you want to reduce the list you can do so in webconf Software->LV2_Plugins where you can deselect plugins then click “Search for new plugins & presets” so they don’t show in the list but this removes them until next time you go through this (slow / awkward) process.

You may need to raise a feature request to get the functionality you require.

@riban, you are completely right about the possibility of deselecting plugins you don’t use a lot/at all. I would be happy to raise a feature request for this functionality if it could be interesting for our fellow zynthianers. Would it be useful for you personally ?

It’s a transformed experience once you’ve deleted nearly all of them.

A clear all would actually be quite therapeutic !!

You are all too late, I’ve already done it. . . .

feel free to feeding frenzy on it’s fetid foulness. . .

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@wyleu , you are my saviour and not just mine :slight_smile:

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