Favourite effects for Dexed


I’m into the dx7 sound lately. While it sounds dated/cheesy on its own, it sound amazing with a good reverb/effect chain. (E.g. https://youtu.be/gxi9Le5HsQw )

What are your favourite effect chains that you use with Dexed on the Zynthian?

Hi @Spaki and welcome zo the Zynthian community!

Many thanks for the Youtube link. Wow - that sounds really good!
I am often using FM-Pianos with Shiroverb (Reverb) and/or a chorus (FOMP Triple Chorus). Also one of my favs is the Bollie Delay.

I just written my own Chorus effect. It works but is not ready yet.

Regards, Holger


Thank you:) just what I was looking for…