Fbcp-ili9341 Display Driver

Have you guys had a look at the fbcp-ili9341driver? It allows for much higher refresh rates on quite a lot of displays by only updating the parts of the screen that changed. I could get it to work on my Zynthian with a Waveshare 3.5A (the difference is day and night) but I wasn’t able to display the Zynthian interface on there :frowning:

Any ideas on how I could get this working? An fbcp-ili9341 display option would be amazing :wink:

Edit: might even free up some bandwidth/performance for other Zynthian stuff…

Hi @Kosro. Yes I have been playing with this.
I appreciate it because it supports “exotic” displays that have no fbtft drivers (eg the one with ili9488), but it has some limitations:

  • You can’t use the touchscreen
  • It consume 15/20% of CPU
  • Sometimes display freeze, and I have to restart the UI

I’m launching fbcp-ili9341 at startup with an entry in /etc/rc.local as explained in the README with no issue.

Oh well… that CPU usage hurts the most imo :confused:
Which display settings (in Zynthian UI) did you use? I tried setting it up just like the README and the best I got was seeing the Pi terminal login once…

generic hdmi display