Fe-Pi soundcard: Trying to set up Rpi 2B for FX use


Anyone using this audio card? https://fe-pi.com/products/fe-pi-audio-z-v1
Bought mine last year, it is in the Pi kernel. Has audio input.
I want to have an FX Zynthian using Mod.


We are going to need a database to keep track of them soon. . .
What do you make of it?


It is compact (pi zero size), has stereo line in/out and headphone socket. Sounds good enough in regular Raspbian. <20Euros… so cheap too.


I doubt that it’s better than audioinjector zero and that’s the bottom limit I would use.

The database of supported devices is the drop-down in the webconf.

When you get it running, I will add it.


Have had some success. Using the instructions from the Fe-Pi website (altering config.txt in the boot drive) I was getting Fluidsynth sound output from Zynthian. Mod seemed to hang/not respond to mouse clicks of various length.
After a couple of power removal re-boots… the config.txt gets re-written to defaults… so I am not sure what the problem is. Will try better PSU from Pi-3 Zynthian, to see if power is the problem.


RBPi2 is not longer supported by last zynthian SD images, so you need a RBPi3 or rebuild your own SD image.


I’ve added Fe-Pi soundcard to the list of supported devices in the webconf tool. I would need confirmation of working OK :wink:


Great news, I’ll try it out - after ZynthianOS has downloaded.
Just found this… https://www.graphics-muse.org/archives/pibox/1.0.0/archives/rpi2/kernel/git/sound/soc/bcm/fe-pi-audio.c
It might be useful… not much of C family coder… more into Forth and Assembly…


You should update the software for having the latest update. The latest ZynthianOS image is from the last night and the Fe-Pi was added today :wink:


Tested the Fe-Pi today (with Pi-3), output is fine, input… not sure… will test some more.


Audioibjector input is not that good, intrested too to know how well this sounds.