Feature request: Importing (.fxp) files for various synths


Hello fellow zynthianers,

I’d like to import existing patches for helm and obxd from my PC or to re-use or combine different snapshots to new ones.
What is the best way to import fxp files into zynthian or re-combine snapshots in zynthian?

Greetings and God bless, Marius


Hi @mj_prod!!

Currently zynthian has not support for fxp/fxb preset formats. It would be really nice to have a fxp=>lv2 preset converter tool, but until now, nobody did it. So … you or anyone are invited to go forward and implement such a tool!! Many people will bless you … :wink:

AFAIK, fxp is a propietary format included in the VST SDK and the only documentation is the SDK headers themself …



I also wanted to ask for it. lv2 plugins usually do not store any presets or banks. Is there a way to integrate a vst-host?



Currently Zynthian save presets as snapshots, although a snapshot is not exactly a preset because it can contains more than one plugin. Anyway, most LV2 hosts are capable of saving and restoring presets. MOD-UI, that is included on Zynthian SD, can do it very well.

Regarding VST, there is no plans of integrating any VST host in zynthian. We could include Carla, but AFAIK, it doesn’t support FXP currently. Anyway, the amount of VST plugins available on Linux is small compared with LV2 plugins.