First Beta release of Freeboard Blocks, alternative "Open source" seaboard block firmware

Hi everyone,

A while ago i bought a seaboard block secondhand, seemed fun and it was a really good offer, but then i realized that without one of the blocks or a specific app in windows or IOs phone (neither of which i have or want to have) i could not change the settings for it, not even the mode or sensitivity of any of the dimensions.

So i dove into the developer material and figured that i could do something with what one axoloti user did, but take it further and make it standalone. Aaaaand after a pair of sleepless nights i got it working properly, so here it is!! :sleeping:

Freeboard Blocks beta version


If only I could turn my sleepless nights into something positive and musically useful…

New instructions added for usage, with a general idea of how it works

Yeah, it’s not every sleepless night that gets something useful out of it, but i am glad i can use that time at least every now and then.