First Build :) hello zynthians!


Hi all,

Just received my zynthian kit from jofemodo and I can’t wait to put it all together!
Thanks to everyone sharing in the zynthian community, its been an eye opener of what can be done and I hope I can share something with you soon.


Build finished and working, a breeze and no problems when following the wiki.
I had to “carve” the encoders’ holes as the pots are too short for the front plate, it wasn’t possible to tighten the nuts initially but it only took 5 mins to make this modification.

I had a usb midi pedalboard and usb midi keyboard controller connected simultaneously with success and everything was easy to map in modui using the midi learn function.
Some plugs in modhost produced a variety of audio artifacts when having some parameters modified during real time performance, I was expecting this to happen anyway. Fortunately there are others that feel very smooth (essential for those filter sweeps :heart_eyes:) it definitely will suit my knob twisting needs :yum:



The plugins are from different “quality”. The problem is that the sound creation runs at s-rate (sample time) and the parameter changes are running at k-rate (control time). In the same time window, much lesser control changes (reading value, working with that value) are done than sound calculations. This can produce sharp steps when changing a parameter (especcially when changing it fast) and this can be heared.

You can avoid this by trying to interpolate values between k-rate steps. But this means to put more code into a plugin. I havn’t done this for Dexed - even for the volume I havn’t done this because I use Dexed without realtime parameter change - but it is not impossible to implement :slight_smile:

Regards, Holger


Yeap, I like to think about it this way: they have been designed/ported with different purposes in mind, they behave as expected. Nothing wrong with it :blush:

I.e. With Dexed it makes sense, try to imagine doing real time parameter changes in a DX7 in a live gig! :joy:


Algorithm change on a foot-controller :joy: => experimental music!