First gig for Zynthian!

I’ve only been using my Zynthian for recording and producing but yesterday it had its first live gig!

Rhodes and piano sound through a Carlsbro amp and mic-ed to the sound system.

Really nice.


The markers on the keys are really cool :grin:

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Another Nord user !!!

Do you do any knob alterations during th set and would that be easier in left or right hand…?


A couple of years a go I was teaching my kids how the notes work.

Today I just like them :slight_smile:

No not really on this gig.

The second half of the set began with Chocolet Jesus with Tom Waits so I added an GxBigMuff and modulated the sustain for the second half just on the Zynthian.

No recordings? :thinking: :face_with_monocle: :rofl:

Haha. Not that I know of. Maybe I can find some instavideos.

Pleaseeeeee :pray: :pray:

Regarding the Nord vs Zynthian, what do you think about the setBfree Hammond Emulator? How it compares with Nord emulation? Could you make some suggestions about for improving the hammond experience with zynthian? :wink:

BTW, what zynthian engine did you use for the Rhodes and Piano?


Regarding the Hammond. I think the setBfree is way better than the Nord 2. I haven’t got any suggestions as of yet. Out the box the sustain pedal controls the Leslie speed. Which is nice!

I had a piano. Salamander.

Salamander - eq - compressor

Then I used the Rhodes EPs Plus-JN1.5 library

Rhodes - compressor - eq - gx BigMuff (BM only for grittier songs.

Really nice sound. Very happy


Bad photos. Sorry.

Don’t worry, i will send you the bill from the massage therapist that will fix my neck :grin:

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Haha :slight_smile:

This is not awesome but you can hear that the Zynthian sounds sweet.