Fonts SF2 not working [solved]

Hello to all…i try to put few sf2 sound from vintage Mellotron …the zynthian under the FluidSynth
show me the files but if i select nothing appen …no sound no info on screen… may be a wrong version of files???

Hi @videobelu!

Send the SF2 file by dropbox or something like that and i will try.


Hi jofemodo !

This is the link to the file…another question…is possible to place sf2 file in subfolders to better ordinate categories of different fonts???

Thank you very much


Hi @videobelu!

There is a problem with filenames with spaces and other “special” chars. I will solve ASAP, but until now, please, “normalize” the filenames .

Kind Regards!

Thank you very much…for the possibility to use also subfolder ???

Hi @videobelu!

I’ve fixed the problem and now (after updating ;-)) you can use filenames with spaces and other special chars.
Currently there is no “subfolder” support in fluidsynth banks (SF2 ). Sorry. I will try to solve it in the future.


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Hi @jofemodo !
Thank you very much !!!

@videobelu can you post the normalized version once you figure it out? I desperately want mellotron sounds!!! ;$)

I send you in another post…