Fork development


I am planning to develop a Basic Groovebox an a x86 tiny computer, and for that I found Zynthian a good candidate to fork, instead of building it from scratch.

The issue I have, is, I can’t find documentation (about the architecture, API, etc.) on the Git repository. I know that Zynthian is not a SDK, but where I can start to understand how Zynthian is build (where are the different part, the dependencies, etc.) and to adapt it to my need ?

I read already the tread “Own Fork - Where to Start?”, but the post here didn’t answer to my questions (and the topic is already old).

Hello @ArnKa - The first post in " Migrating ZynthianOS to RISC-V, project name Zynia" has pointers that led us to the shell script that builds Zynthian: