Free B - CollaB3 by Sampleson & al, a B3 organ modeling

Hello People…
I don’t know how familiar you are with Sampleson… They usually make good emulations of electric pianos (From the almost unknown Fender Rhodes to the most popular Hohner Pianet T… eh eh…)
They usually sell their intruments for 59$ but if you are a lucky subscriber to their customers list, you usually get it offered for 39$ in the very first weeks…

But now they just propose a B3 emulation, working on Linux, Mac and Windows…
For the price of 0$… what a shame they don’t make a promotionnal 4weeks offer for 60% of its final price, as they usually do…

There’s no place like home, so have a good day there…


Not very helpful for us as it will be compiled for intel not arm. might be a better place to post it.

Oh… I see… What a shame it can’t be integrated to Zynthian… (BTW, you fully understood what I had in mind)…
Have a nice day…

setBfree is still my bae :laughing:

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SetBfree… I cannot make it run on my Windows old computer, and my Zynthian is not built yet, so I can’t tell…

WAIIIIIT. It comes with a GPL v3 license. This means that source should be made available somewhere. This means it could, along with refactored to an lv2 plugin, be compiled for arm, setBfree has competition.

Good to know… But where is somewhere ?

And btw, how do you know it ?
And what about their other products ? Their fender rhodes, wurlitzer, pianet T ?

I downloaded the zip and had a look installing the linux version on my PC. The installer made me agree to the terms of the GPLv3 before it let me install it. Something quiet unique in the world of terms and conditions.

I’ve not tried the other products.

Ok thanx…
I’ll try to contact Augusto, at Sampleson, to see how “open” they would be…

Well, they’ve distributed it under the terms of the GPLv3, there’s no argument about how “open” they need to be. It’s a legal contract now.

They are forced to make the code available when we ask for it ?


I’ve sent them a query

Hi, Thanks for creating CollaB3. It’s a very generous offering and I’m looking forward to making music with it as soon as I get it working.

I note that under Section 6 of the licenced that comes with CollaB3 it states that:

You may convey a covered work in object code form under the terms
of sections 4 and 5, provided that you also convey the
machine-readable Corresponding Source under the terms of this License

I was wondering where the “Corresponding Source” is located, or how it’s being distributed, as it wasn’t included with the other files in the downloaded zip.

Thanks again for the plugin, I hope you stay safe and healthy

edit: also the linux version immediately core dumps on my machine :frowning:

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OK… So I won’t contact them now… In a few days, if you have no answer, I will contact Augusto…
Core dump means it lags ? crashes ?

They make very light software which are based on much calculation… So I guess it asks much to the CPU…

Core dump is a crash.

I was sure it was nothing positive !!!

SetBfree sound awesome!

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I tried it on another machine and it loaded. I suspet they’ve used cpu extensions that are available on Intel CPU’s but are not on AMD ones, it’s pretty common.

Also it’s built with HISE which makes me think it’s sample based.

For most of their models, they say that they are synthesized using “spectral modeling, which means no sample at all”…
For this organ, I didn’t read anything like that… And btw, it’s the only model they offer, which they didn’t create alone by themselves, the first one to be a collaboration (thus the name) and the first one they offer a Linux version for…

In the mail Augusto sent to registered customers, he says “It’s just 40Mb and CPU friendly”… 40Mb is not much samples…
Almost the same as they say about other models which are “spectral modeling”

“Archiving a realistic and warm sound in just 35MB and very low CPU usage.”
; “

“Spectral Modeling, offering the real sound and feel of the instrument in just 30MB.”

So I kinda “shortcut” that the organ was spectral modeling as well, but I might be wrong…

Well, that’s also a point.

edit: Oh, and it doesn’t support Jack, Alsa and pulseaudio only.

So… there’s no hope…