Freeze - no network

just build a zynthian v4.5 with last stable os.
It’s a great box so far, good quality and well packed with sounds.

There are some issues though.
When i try to load obxd (and a few others) it freezes,
and after a long time goes back to the last layer scenario.

With a direct ethernet network connection, the browser can’t connect to the Zyn with zynthian.local.
I tried with Firefox, Brave and Chrome.
So i can’t open the webconfig.

In network info the Zyn sometimes showed sth. like
(Don’t remember exactly).

Thanks for your help


Sounds like you probably ain’t having names resolved.

If you can see the gui on the zynth go into admin and look under Network Info . It should give you an Ethernet address and try that in your browser rather than the zynthian.local. It’s much nicer to work with names but some bits of the Internet conspire against one, so you have to use IP addresses.

Probably a good idea now you’ve got webconf access to look in the GUI logs as the Obxd loads.

Should give some kind of hint of issues.

The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority has reserved 169.254. 0.0-169.254. 255.255 for Automatic Private IP Addressing. Basically, what this means is that your network card was unable to DHCP lease a proper address from your network (or router)

Is it plugged in properly?

It seems to be plugged, the ethrnet plug is blinking…

Again, i take the ethernet cable (computer - router) out of the router
and plug it into the Zynthian (computer - zynthian).
Network info then tells me:

Browser still says: “unable to connect”.
Wether i use “zynthian.local” or “”

@haines what PC OS are you using? Have you tried plugging the PC and Zynthian both into the router?

Manjaro Linux.

I’ll try that…

Connected via router.
Worked immediately,
with “zynthian.local” (and it has now this 192.168 …)
could log into webconfig…
Regenerated preset cache, and obxd works now.
Thanks a lot to everyone


That’s good @haines.

It looks like your PC doesn’t have PnP networking enabled. I tend to use a weekend network infrastructure like a switch and DHCP server to avoid such issues.