Fumata Bianca! Habemus Case!


Hi @Zynthianers!

I’m really glad of announcing that, finally, the new aluminum case is ready:

I have prepared a “Zynthian Case Kit” that includes:

  • Aluminum Case
  • 4 x Moog Style Knobs
  • 2 x Jack Connectors (audio line out)
  • MIDI Connector HQ
  • 4 x Rubber bumps
  • Spacers, bolts and nuts (many!! ;-))

The price of this Kit is: 70€
For those who reserved a unit before September the price is: 60€

People interested in getting one of this beauties can reply in this post or contact me directly :wink:



I’d like to reserve on of these. I’d also like to pick up controller modules/GPIO controllers, etc. Can I do this through you too?


Hi @Ulysses13!

Yes, i can send you everything if you want. I’ve published a list with the details and prices of all the kits i have:

Please, better send me your personal info and shipping address by private message :wink:



The first “Serigraphied Alu-Cases” are travelling towards remote countries :wink:

I hope to see some cool videos of it while performing good music! :slight_smile:


The new metal case is very nice with a professional look when assembled. One bit of advice though - the mounting standoffs for the 2 in 1 board were too long for me because the plug in connections on the top of the board were touching the 2nd connector on the TFT which prevented the case from closing. I just used a nylon nut as spacers with nuts and bolts going straight through it.

Also, I wanted to add a headphone output so i inserted a 1/4 inch stereo jack socket into one of the audio out holes (it was the same size as a mono socket) and then I connected one of these little amplifier boards - http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/131574529323?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT

I took the signal in and +5v/0V from the connectors on the HifiBerry DAC board. I wrapped the whole little amplifier board in insulation tape and just left it hanging inside. Sound quality is excellent although you need to be careful with volume levels when switching synth engines and/or patches that you don’t blow your ears out!


Great Chris! Good workl! :+1:

I didn’t know this headphone amplifier, and believe me, i was looking for it several times, but i always fail to choose the right one. I try several amplifiers modules based in the PAM8403, but i didn’t get a good result.

So, it’s great that you have founded. Could you document your work a little bit more in detail and add some photo, perhaps in a new topic with a good title so everybody can find it easily? :wink:

Thanks a lot!