Geert Bevin Linnstrument/Modular Projects from a Musical Developers Perspective

Came across Geert Bevin talking about developing the Linnstument and he has some pretty interesting modular projects on his Twitter. The level of detail of polling hardware fast enough to be responsive with limited CPU resources made me think of a talk on the Apollo Guidance Computer.

The Linnstrument Firmware/RTOS code open source and repository is on Github. So is AGC source but perhaps not as commonly available as Arduino based hardware :>

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Good talk by Geert. Quite a nice into to Arduino programming in C++. It is quite similar to a project my son and I have been working on.

One MIDI extension that might be useful for other pioneering projects with lots of buttons and lights is the NRPN message, made from 6 combined CC messages. Shown in midi.txt