Generative Music

While exploring Generative Music plugins (there are not so many usefull ones except for the metronome working atm),
I discovered 2 things:

  • There is an FM Oscilator plugin, but I’m unable to solicit any sound out of it.
  • I was really looking forward to trying XPolyMonk and discovered that there was already an install script available on the zynthian, which after running downloaded, compiled it, and installed it.
    After that, I could find and enable the plugin from the webconfig. Again, I was not able to produce any sound out of it, even after trying to throw some notes at it.

Any ideas to get either of these working ? Are there plans or ideas for more generative music plugins ?

Are there generative midi note generators available that can be hooked up to a synth layer?
Something along the lines of WolframTones but less sophisticated would also be good :slight_smile: