Getting started with the Sequencer

Hi there - the ZynSeq Sequencer on Zynthian looks great. It seems powerful but as a new-comer to zynthian and sequencers I struggled to understand how go get going. Can you recommend any getting started videos or how to’s? (I have read the wiki).


I guess we could benefit from a tutorial for this. I will have a think about that. Just to check, you did read the wiki entry specific to the sequencer and not just the user guide? I thought it was quite thorough but maybe only describes the technical use rather than demonstrating workflows.

The sequencer is kinda quirky in that it provides a few different workflows but consolidated into a single module. This means that you can switch between workflows reusing the patterns and sequences. It just involves a bit of context switch and maybe looking at sequencing in a slightly different way - but many / most of the common step sequencing methods are implemented.

You start with patterns and add them to sequences which can either be fired individually from the pads or played as a song from the arranger. Sequences can be looped or not in various ways. Remember that performance is based around the sequences which are built from one or more patterns.

Tempo can be adjusted in 0.1 BPM steps.

It feels like something that might benefit more from a well presented video rather than written instruction.

As a visual, return demonstration, type learner I wholeheartedly agree! I’ve read the instructions a few times… the letters get all blurry, then I go back to experimenting with audio layers.