Global snapshot?

Hi everyone! I have this idea… is it possible to create a way for saving a snapshot of the entire user customisation? I’m talking about single snapshots, presets, soundfonts, captures and various options. All together in a zip file. Could be something to do only pressing a button (maybe selecting what you need to save).
Would be great when upgrading to a new image, just to save time in recreating our work-zynthian-space.

Hi @Nicolaz!

Have you seen the Webconf’s System->Backup? :wink:


There is a backup and restore facility in the webconf in the system menu.
This is probably a little bit too granular for what you are describing but a default file might address that if we could add that into the CUIA functionality and call it then from an event ( keyboard, MIDI etc)

Crash !!!

jofe succinct and precise:
wyleu waffly but looking ahead!!

Ok ok, i’ll try that for upgrading to the last image :slightly_smiling_face:

I have to add that this won’t work if the changes on software are “too big”.
But this is the price to pay for enjoying an ever-improving system. Sorry, but i don’t have the resources for ensuring backward compatibility 100%.

For those of you that doesn’t want this kind of problems, i hope the upcoming “Buster” release will be stable enough for staying on it without having to upgrade for a long time!!


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How wide-reaching are the system & data backup meant to be?

I have backed up zynthian-touch.local to sys & data … Now this machine has it’s display twisted throu’ 90 degrees, and it’s got specific USB Audio settings.

I’ve built it on top of a new SSD 09-03 and had to setup the synth name and password and kit, audio, display.

I’ve had to load all this back in but not sure the restore is doing very much . … Can’t see captures or stuff like that…

I’m also driving from touchscreen only on this machine and config with touchscreen ( & nice plastic stick. Whilst trying to set up add effect MDA Ambience can’t seem to use the touchscreen to get beyond MIDI ( effect’s itself is a bit hit and miss) and keeps dropping into Load Snapshot. Anyone tried this or seen similar…?