Global sound shaping options for each layer

Have there been thoughts on this already? Is this something that could be possible?
Often when searching for sounds I think, well this one would be great, but its just too harsh or something like that. It would be great if you could add a lo cut / hi cut (and maybe even a one-knob compressor) in the main menue of each sound.
Is this reverb/modulation/chorus something global or is it part of the sound programs? So, I don’t know this is implemented, but there I often wish that this reverb would sound a little better, in my opinion its not really usable unfortunately.

yea… just some thoughts how I think Zynthian could become even better :slight_smile:

Also right now it runs really well since the last update, better than ever before, which makes me quite happy, because now I can be sure I can use it in my bands also live!

You can use mod-ui. But not per layer though.
I think the performance of a raspberry won’t give you more.

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Hi @Hampelschwein!

Of course, i’ve been thinking a lot about adding a “per-layer” FX chain. Also a Global one, although this is now possible using the “route Audio to MOD-UI” feature.

The problem is that synth-engines doesn’t have independent audio outputs for every channel. Audio is mixed inside every synth-engine and jackd only “sees” one audio signal (normally stereo) with the mix of all active channels of every synth engine. So, with the current “synth engine architecture”, we can only have “per-engine” FX chains.

Some engines (i.e. ZynAddSubFX) allow to create internal per-channel FX-chains and we could improve the integration and take advantage of this, but it’s not a “generic solution” and only would work with some engines.

Of course, we could re-shape the synth engine architecture and run separate instances of engines for every layer. This would allow to have separated audio outputs for every layer, but will increase the memory usage (and we only have 1 GB!!)

So … i’m not very sure of the best way to take. Probably being pragmatic is the best strategy. Re-designing the synth-engine architecture is complex task and i only will follow this way when we have enough memory and CPU power (4GB?).

Until then, we should be happy with a generic “per-engine” FX-chain. In fact, i have a candidate: the “v1” series FX-chain.

It’s simple, but complete, lightweight and well-tested … what do you think about? :wink:

Kind Regards,

Multiple Pi’s around a digital audio matrix :smiley:

How much latency do you get out of a hifiberry S/PDIF?

No idea … i have one inside some box under other boxes … perhaps it’s time to test it :wink:

i think for my personal taste a per enginge fx chain would already be very good, especially one for the soundfonts. Does this “v1” series FX-chain also have EQ?