Global transpose for MIDI

Hi you all.
I play in a group where guitar and bass are usually tuned -1 semitone.

Is it possible to set a global MIDI transpose for Zynthian?

A very crazy way it can be global setting by webconfig in http://zynthian.local/ui-midi-options Midi options section:
Change MIDI fine tuning (Hz) : from 440 (for A) to 415.304683 (G#)

Or for each channel you can set 1 semitone transformation in Chain Options of existing channel.

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I though the same; why not?
In workstations usually ther is a master or global transpose.


  1. I created a new MIDI profile (-1 semi-tone) where I just changed the MIDI fine tuning from 440 (for A) to 415.304683 (G#).
  2. I activated this MIDI profile
  3. When I play SetBfree the tuning does not change: why? (but it works with other instruments)

Method #2 works for me:

…so for that group I have to create a special setBfree snapshot

Probably the best solution without having to change settings of MIDI fine tuning (Hz) via webconfig.

but first method it is pratical because it is not necessary to create double snapshots
unfortunately does not work with setBfree

We could implement very easily a “default transposing” setting, that would act as a global transposing.

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Anyway, this should work, so it could be considered a bug. Please open a ticket in our tracking system.


Tuning is done by using MIDI pitchbend. This is suboptimal. Different synths may have different pitchbend ranges making this challenging to work consistently, especially if you change the pitchbend range for an instrument. setBfree and Aeolus do not have pitchbend hence do not respond to this setting. I would recommend avoiding using the tuning option. Add a feature request to the issue tracker for a global transpose.

Done. Thanks.


setBfree should take the “global fine tuning” setting and add it to the startup config options. If it’s not working, it should be a regression/bug.

I would check it ASAP.