Going through hell right now


Hi Fernando.

In a week, I have this SymphonicRock like every year and this year I replaced the D50 and will use 2 Zynthians and the Kawai. (only MKII from Pianoteq, cause the grand is not stage prone)
Here is the list of things that happened to me the last weeks:

  • one audio channel of the AudioInjector RCA had noise…suddenly…and it disappeared the next day. I don’t know, if this was really a cable thing, like I assumed. The gold cable is quite new. I played around with effect on one channel. It is still buggy. First I created an independent effect on channel 3. Cloned them to 2 and cloned 2 to 3, cause the gain didn’t show. So I learned, that the channel 2 had it’s own effect. Added one and it worked.
    BUT. Although I deleted channel 3, Midi 3 was still listening and played the engine of 2 (only 2 should listen)
    And maybe, the ghost gain was the reason of the noise.

  • I connected the small 25keys via USB and I get hanging notes sometimes. I tried this ocg_ hack to no avail.

  • I had issues with a normal midi connection. First it seemed to be the port itself…opened the box and soldered it again. it helped, but when it happened today again, I dumped the cable. But somehow the AllInOne board crashed. No rotary encoder actions. Fortunately I have a second one. When I find the time, I will replace the MCP and hope for the best.
    And besides that, a cable based USB Midi adapter showed hanging notes as well, so that I will buy a new MIDI cable tomorrow.

  • I had trouble with broken snapshots (nulls if no sound was selected (only previewed f.e.)). The Zynthian hangs, when you try to load it. Maybe an error message when you try to save a snapshot, that would yield to the null?

When this is all over, I will play Saxophone only :slight_smile:


I will try to help with your issue list … what is your priority? :wink:


:slight_smile: thx.

I think, the one, that jerash found, is the one I had.
Additionally when you clone channels and delete them, they are still there.
But I haven’t confirmed this. After the concert I will have more time to pinpoint it.

I just think, that there are a lot of bugs still and that a final version is not there yet.


Ok, I had the concert yesterday. No wyleu, there is no footage (yet)

I had three bugs I could avoid by discipline.

  1. One Zynthian listening to Midi 2,3, Masterkeyboard connected to it that is playing 1,2,3. After a while and after changing snapshots etc. the zynthian freezes. No engines are playing. I will try to get logs.
    I could avoid it by adding IGNORE rules. But I had to use two midi profiles… One that ignores 1 and one, that ignores 1 and 4…and changing those profiles only works when you reboot the ui. I submitted a github bug already.

  2. One zynthian connected to two keyboards…Normal MIDI and USB.
    I had skipped NoteOff events (freezing notes) - sometimes - non reproducible. No matter if I play the Normal MIDI or the USB plugged one.
    While practicing I had a stalled midi environment after I loaded the next snapshot when the USB keyboard was connected. Even the normal MIDI did’t work anymore. I could avoid it by unplugging the USB keyboard before deleting all snapshots. which yields to the third one.

  3. Loading new snapshots is not “atomic”. I had issues with PT after loading the next snapshot, which “reloads” the same engine. PT didn’t work after that anymore. I could avoid it by removing all layers before loading the new snapshot.

I was working on old versions, because two many people are adding new features right now :slight_smile:
But I have updated the first one already and will come up with the second one in a week to reproduce it on the latest build.

AH. And I hate the encoders. The press action is too heavy. It happens too easily that you rotate it involuntarily before the click. Especially on stage.

But overall I am looking forward to seeing raspi4 to get the PT Steinberg on stage as well.


Hi @mheidt!
Can i open this thread? I think is of public interest …



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Yes. I’ve a dilema here. Loading snapshots tries to minimize loading time by conserving the running instances of engines that are used across snapshots. This is good because snapshots using same engines load faster, but sometimes it doesn’t work well, specially when you want to “reset” the engine.

I would like to conserve (and improve) the current functionality. Perhaps an advanced option in webconf:

  • reset engines when loading snapshot

What do you think?



Maybe an option per snapshot.
Or we know, which engines are critical like PT and do a reset, when the engine is in the previous and next snapshot.
A generic checkbox for all seems not to be good.
Rather a “yes, no, cancel” after you clicked the load. Three states cause you might see that you selected the wrong snapshot.
And the option to show this screen is a webconf checkbox.


You already have subsnapshots for loading presets with the same engine, go with that. Snapshots should always tear down and start fresh (in my opinion).

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Simpler is better … what do you think about it, @mheidt?


If the subsnapshot load still works fast after you added the AlwaysReset.
I have to admit that I didn’t try s3 yet.


I think you should try it :wink:


I just didn’t need it yet.
Afaik it’s good if you switch between sounds of one engine. But my Roland Masterkeyboard doesn’t have a decent program change… that’s why I use midi channels and preload those layer sets. When I will be using the V25 more often, I can program those buttons.


Maybe this would be helping to my snapshot issue.


And how will you record them …? :smiley:
cos we will want to hear them :face_with_monocle:

Things seem much more stable here now . . .

Apart from still no mouse and no audio play from audio recorder. on audio injector machine :smiley:

But I’ve got mouse and audio play on hifiberry AMP+…

The Nord Modular had this enforced and it limited it quite heavily.
It would be nice to have it as another one of our ever increasing namespace!! :smiley:

Would we, for instance stop recording on snapshot load?


OK! let’s build the list of things would be desirable on snapshot load:

  • Reset engines
  • Stop all recording & playing
  • All Sounds + Notes off ??
  • More?