Granular Sampler plugin

I just had it running on the Fluid Synth, which was interesting on various instruments. So i was thinking I could just load my own soundfont if I wanted a particular base sound.

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Hi @Baggypants!

Where the hell did you get the LV2 version of ArgotLunar? I’ve searched in the past and i could only find the VST … although it’s free software and someone could port it, i didn’t find the port.

I will include it in the zynthian image ASAP … finally we have a decent granulator in zynthian!! :smiley:

Thanks a lot!


I found it here


If anyone else wants to build on their pi from source the bit I had the most difficulty with is noted here

OK! Argotlunar will be included on next nightly builds …

Thanks a lot, @Baggypants!

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