Granular Sampler plugin

Are there any granular sampler plugins on the Zynth?
The sort of thing i’m i’m looking for is like what the Bastl Microgranny can do.

I was thinking of buying one, but if the Zyth can do it…


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We have this one:

I like it very much but I haven’t tried to add my own samples.

I just had a quick look, yes I see it.

23 pages of settings :astonished:

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I don’t think that’s a Granular Sampler, It’s an additive synthesizer using wavetable synthesis with a specific looping generation algorithm to generate the wavetable. padthv1, Algorithm


@Baggypants Yeah you’re right, that’s not what i’m after.
@sm7x7 that looks interesting.

Am i correct in thinking we cant just install found plugins like that, as the UI controllers wont be mapped?

Nope, if it’s an LV2 plugin it’s usually pretty easy.

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I copied it to the plugins folder, refreshed and it showed up fine.
But the Zynth crashed after the MIDI channel selection screen.

No worries. I thought there would probably be more to it.

Ah, ok. That’s just a source repository. You’d need to compile it.

git clone
cd syncrose/
make INSTALL_DIR=/zynthian/zynthian-my-plugins/lv2/ install

edit: I had a go, it doesn’t seem to work very well at all.

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thanks for looking, much appreciated. I’ll have a further search online and see if anything else is about

There’s a list of granular synths for linux here but they’re all going to be pretty difficult to port over. Maybe someone could port Argotlunar to lv2 as that looks to be the easiest to start with.




You’re an lv2 research machine dude!


Tnx! Looks like it… :laughing:


Nice find,
I’m not completely sure how I would get that on my Zyth though.
Does the LUA script do it?
It also mentions renaming binaries.

Sorry, i’m pretty new to Linux in this way. Happy to learn if anyone has the time to help.

That’s just a source code repository, it needs to be compiled to a binary. I had a quick go but it’s pretty involved. It’s not going to happen soon.


Thanks again for looking at it. I’ve plenty of other engines to be playing with for now :smiley:

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Right. That was difficult. This needs to be scp’d to the zynth and then extracted, best place is /zynthian/zynthain-my-plugins/lv2. Then enable in the web interface.

atgotlunar2-lv2-arm.tgz (981.1 KB)

It’s an effect plugin, so you’re granulizing a constant stream, here I’m using an arp from Noisemak3r.

@wyleu Don’t say I don’t do anything for you


wowsers top stuff!

It’s working. I was not expecting it to be an effect, but I guess I can just load my own sound into one of the samplers.

Thanks for doing this

This is a different granular sampler again to the one in the granny. Granny records a sample and then stores it like a sampler and applies granular synthesis to it. argotlunar applies to a constant stream of music.