Grimény Concert (with Zynthian)


Hello dear Berliners! I hope this channel is ok to be used like this.
My band Grimény is going to play on 12 April at Zukunft am Ostkreuz! I will play drums and Zynthian.



Hi @Hampelschwein!

These are great news!! I hope you have big success!!!
Of course, this channel is perfectly OK for that kind of news!! Any event related with zynthian or involving zynthian in any way is on-topic :wink:

In the other hand, congratulations for the music & video!! I love both. Simply a little question … who are you in the video? :rofl::rofl:


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Hi @Hampelschwein,

:disappointed_relieved: I have an appointment with my own band on Friday - also with my Zynthian… sorry.

Regards, Holger

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alright jofemodo, thanks!!
I’m the guy in the middle, but actually we look a bit different in real live especially haircutwise and fashionwise :smiley: like this
No Zynthian in this video though, because its for some of our newer songs that I’m using Zynthian for cheesy choir sounds.

@C0d3man, schade! In welcher Band spielst du denn?

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