Guitar looping with "Sooper Looper" on Zynthian

A new vide demo from our friend Floyd Steinberg:

Thanks Floyd!


Just in time for the sooperlooper control pedals for the cajon… the purple insulating tape is on order, and yes, the LED’s are a strip of WS2812’s . . .


I saw Floyd 's video yesterday. It’s pretty good and nice to see sooperlooper working well. Some find out awkward but maybe it’s just a matter of learning how to use it.


A very promising application of our electronic musical contraption :clap:

Cocteau Zynths? :wink:


This reminds me I’m doing another looper gig on the 16th Sept. if you’re in the area :smiley:


It’s not difficult at all. The MIDI learning could be a little bit tricky when using “stage” mode. I’m thinking about it to find how to improve this.

Also, i could improve the V5 workflow by assigning some functions to



His vids are really good and he deserve the Open Source community a lot.

Yeah, … I can’t say more :+1:

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Do people prefer a sooperlooper pedal to toggle a function on off or is it better to keep the switch down for recording and might you have update similarly configured?

this looks very like self made Dear @wyleu

tell us more :

  • are the led strips just for fun or do they follow Zynthian’s color palette :thinking: :face_with_monocle: :partying_face: :rofl:
  • ok, hands on cajun, feets on switches.So what are are you doing with … mouth ?

I’m not so involved in SooperLooper, I’ve just had done some more or less good tries with it.
But above vid let see how easy it is now (thanks again Floyd). And that “keeping the switch down for recording” looks pretty natural (for this switch at least).

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Toggle for me. My loops tend to be 4-8 bars. Also I use a pad not a footswitch.