Guys I Need Your Help [SOLVED]

The Zynthian is my first electronics and Raspberry Pi project and I’m beginning to wonder if I’ve bitten off more than I can chew.

I’ve finally assembled the controller modules and everything, except for the 20 pin header on the HifiBerry DAC. (Messed up the first one and waiting for a replacement).

Such is my excitement, that I really wanted to test and see if this thing works, so I connected the screen to the RasPi, inserted the SD card, switched on…and…nothing. Just a white screen.

I assumed drivers for the screen would have been included in the disk image I torrented - isn’t this the case?

From what I can gather on Google, I need to somehow connect to a monitor & keyboard to download the touchscreen drivers, is this correct or is there another reason why I shouldn’t be seeing the Zynthian stuff straight away?

My confidence on this project is ebbing, so this is could be the first in a series of very silly questions - Really hope you can help!

I wasn’t giving enough time to burn the .img to the SSD card…I’m one step closer…!

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A tip when soldering the 2 x 20 header onto the DAC - buy some single rows of header pins rather than the dual ones and solder one row on at a time starting with the row closest to the existing connector. This will give you much more room to get your soldering iron in between the pins without causing solder bridges. Just make sure that each row is vertical.