HandPan sound - PanDuino

Hi there !
I wish to share you this video since a while :

Because it looks great, seem easy to make, and sound great !
But the sound engine is not on Zynthian, and I like the sound,all the sounds.
Do you know an equivalent of her PanDrum vst ?

See ya !

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From the video description they’re not using a vst but triggering samples.

If you can get the samples you can create an sfz soundfont and load it into linuxsampler or sfizz.


Like to know about how they are doing the physical multi element trigger. From the appearance above each pad is an individual connection to something, presumably an Arduinoeque device.

A cursory search got lost in the name panduino. . .

Although I do honestly find the actual musical potential of the handpans slightly overrated (with their fixed modal scales, they tend to be a sort of a “wherever you hit you never miss” kind of instrument), I think that simulating them plausibly in software would require a significant amount of real-time synthesis, with formant and spectral shift calculations, since the undoubtedly interesting electronic-like sound depends on the constant interweaving of different frequencies, produced by multiple resonating points.

The sonic output of the first video is frankly rather uninspiring, because loading single handpan recordings into a series of sampler slots obviously misses the most interesting part, that is the combined resonance of the metallic harmonics across the closed bell shape, which you cannot mimick simply applying reverb.

This said, if satisfyingly implemented through an appropriate algorithm (arguably some kind of additive synthesis) and with full chromatic extension, it could make an interesting instrument to play with!

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I’ve had the chance to play some handpans and it’s really about the experience, much like low-level didgeridoo playing or low pitch pentatonic flutes, it’s a very specific timbre and at least live you can really feel them.

I’ve been trying to get a synthesized handpan sound for a long time with the nord drum and it’s not bad, but yeah it’s never quite there


What comes to mind is a specialized model for Pianoteq, as it’s a similar type of instrument in that it’s percussive and the different notes affect each other as the resonant chamber is common for the whole instrument. But that would have to be something to bug the manufacturer about.

Hm, perhaps there’s a Pianoteq model of a felted piano (i.e. a piano with felt between behind the hammers and strings), that would be similar in character to a handpan.

Hi @ricard :slightly_smiling_face:

Modartt could well try and concoct a handpan bit of code, based on some modification of their existing physical modeling algorithms.

However, now that I’m thinking it, there might be an ace up the sleeve in using Prism, a Reaktor physical modeling synthesiser, based on the control of the excitement modes of vibrating strings/bodies.

I have used it largely in the past, and it’s been a while since the last time I opened it, but I do remember that it has the right amount of resonant shine between inter-modulating spectra, that could deliver the desired result.

Edit: of course, Prism is nowhere to be possibly embedded in Zynthian, since Native Instruments still stubbornly refuse to provide Linux versions of their software tools, and even so they would unlikely compile them for ARM processors, at least for the time being.

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