Handy 3D-print Zynthian Stands, design suggestions welcome

Hey all, I’m working on a more minimalist keyboard stand for practice tonight and as usual I’m spending more time doing construction than practicing my parts. :>

.scad and .stl files for printing are at GitHub - jpaskaruk/ZynthianMount: 3D files for stands to hold my Zynthian v5, or comparably shaped devices.

Might get around to creating an account on one of the physible sites and share them there as well.

I’m currently trying to get v2 of these simple stands started printing - I’m adding “clamps” that go a couple inches left or right so the two of them can hold the unit firmly in place. the AngleBracketForQuarterPlyZynth.stl file prints the two items in the photo, on their side.

If anyone has an older unit and would like these modified to hold their unit, just let me know what needs to change and I’ll add it to the repo once I get around to it. PRs welcome.

That is a piece of 1/4" plywood with a strip glued to the bottom for stiffness, plenty to hold a few pedals and possibly a launchpad mini. The next version will “clamp” the top of the board:

edit: holes are for 6/32" nuts and bolts/machine screws.


On the matter of stands

I’ve standardized on these. They are cheap, heavy & stable. Boxes can be velcro’d on if needed. The only drawback is that the little lip at the bottom needs to be sawn off with a Dremel or hacksaw, I currently use these on my Zynthian, Preen FM3 & Blofeld with good success…


Already thinking about an adjustable tilting mechanism - as it happens, I have two Strymon pedals next to it and the degree I chose for the zynthian is too steep to use them comfortably.

Mostly though, I have a 3D printer so I look for excuses to print things. :>

I’m trying to find something similar to mount the cajon’s screen. Don’t ask why a cajon needs a screen, it just does ok…) From a zynthian point of view I’d probably want to mount it as an addition to a mic stand, but as with all his sort of stuff the number of wires going to it can often make for a unsatisfying unstable result, unless weighted or attached. In summary. I’d make the base bigger!!

There is an official VESA mount for the V5 being designed. (We heard about it last year but it isn’t yet available.) I like the idea of being able to mount devices with VESA mounts or Electronic Percusion mounts. (Note that epercussion mounts differ from VESA by about 5mm mounting and size of screw.) I want to mount various devices like my Alesis ControlPad but be able to fold them away. A wall mounted bracket which can be moved as desired would be good.

I have been using an IKEA tablet stand for a while to perch a Zynthian on.