Hardware does not match assembly instructions

Hello -

I just received my Zynthian. I am having a few issues - This seems better suited to a support email but no answer yet.

My kit came with an IC board for the audio jacks. The assembly instructions show individual jacks. I have the board in place. However, there are no holes in the bottom case to attach the mounting hardware for this new board. Also, the ribbon cable provided to connect the new audio board is too short. So I am either looking for another ribbon cable or using a bunch of breadboard jumpers.

And one of my push encoders is broken. So I can see the software and turn 3 of the encoders but no sound.

From Zynthian- I need a new bottom case, proper ribbon cable, and a new encoder.

From anyone- if you happen to know the pinout on the new board I can at least use my own jumpers as the instructions show the pinout for the main board.

Thanks for taking the time.

Hi @wlvrne, welcome to the community. Sorry to hear you are having problems with the build. I built a device last Christmas and took photos and made notes (which I am yet to feed back to @jofemodo).

The 1/4" jack board does not fix to the base of the unit. It looks like it should with the supplied stand-offs but in fact to do so would flex it. It does not quite make contact with the base. I think this could possibly be improved upon but it does not actually cause an issue. The sockets are securely fixed to the case by their fixing nuts.

The ribbon cable is short but should reach the connector on the soundcard. This is a photo of mine during construction.

The encoder cables can sometimes have bent pins if initial insertion is not done carefully. This has occurred with a few builds. Check each connector on the cable and the boards to see if the pins might be bent and if so, try to carefully straighten them. If there is no obvious physical damage, try moving the encoder between sockets to see if the fault moves with the encoder. This will help to diagnose where the fault lies.

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Just to confirm, are you reading the correct Tutorial? Take a look here:


If you were following another one, please could you tell us where you found the link?

Regarding the controller, perhaps you put too much pressure on the encoder when inserting the knob and broke it. This is explained in the wiki:


Anyway don’t worry, a new controller is in the way :slight_smile:

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