Hardware requirements

Just installed zynthian v5 after not using it for a while, its pretty neat!
But the ui and loading of synths is sluggish - its on a pi 3b. Would a pi 3b+ work well enough or should i upgrade to 4?

Are there hardware requirements for V5?


I think the V5 refers to the hardware, the specific software, such as STABLE-DATE supports V5 and earlier. That being said, I think the upgrade to Pi 4 would be quite worthwhile, and lately they seem somewhat available - I just got an 8GB Pi 4 from PiShop in the US. The only clue that they were in short supply was you could only order one.

Hi @guysoft , it’s nice to see you again here.

For using Zynthian with its UI, engines, sequencer, …RBPI4 is the good choice
But RBPI3B is stil a good solution for going headless

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Hey thanks its nice to visit and see how the project grew @le51 :slight_smile:

It seems like the pi4 is faster but still it takes a while to load new plugins once they are added.

My setup is a pi official 7inch display, pi4 and audio injector sound card. SD card is a sandisk A1
The display has the lighting symbol indicating low power. I am not sure how to fix the power supply to be sufficient.


I’m using the ‘official’ supply for the Pi which I think is 3amps and uses a USB C connector and it is fine, no lightning symbol. Older supplies for earlier Pis could supply less current.

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Hi @guysoft !!

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Ohh yes. This takes time in any machine. LV2 discovering is not the faster thing in the world. It’s for this we cache the info :wink:


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