Have some quesions before starting the build

Have an old working akai MX73 keyboard controller which will be the case and keys for this project.
Several benefits.
First the top panel is hinged and easy to get inside.
second inside half of the inside is empty so lots of mounting space.
Third the controller has 3 midi outs so can internal wire one for the Zynthian.

So now my question

  1. I would like to use a hdmi 7 inch 1024x600 display and not use the pitft. will the software still work and what change will I need to make to config files etc…

  2. I know I will need to still install a 20 pin connector to the HiFIBerry but hope this gets rid of the ribbon cable and can attach encoders and midi out direct to 20 pin connector.

  3. since I am not driving the pitft will I still need the 2in1 Module for encoders and midi?

Hope to start the build in the next couple of weeks. will update you with pics when done.


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  1. From what I’ve understood, the GUI is supposed to be “scalable”. There are some resolutions defined in the source code though. Check /zynthian/zynthian-ui/zynthian_gui_config.py . You may need to change X11 back to display on fb0 instead of fb1 though.

  2. Should be doable. It’s what I’m planning anyways (still building). I hoped to manually wire up cheap “dupont” connectors to my TFT, encoders, and 2in1.

  3. Yes. The encoders and midi are unrelated to the screen.

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one other question I have is midi routing. I will hard wire one of the midi outs from the MX73 to the midi in on the 2in1 module (no connector). then plug a usb to midi (1 in 1 out) cable in the pi. will the midi signal for the mx73 get past to the usb midi out? also will a usb to midi cable work?

I think that’s jackd under the hood, so you should definitely be able to route MIDI signals that way. You need to instruct jack to do that though; I’m unaware of any command-line tools capable doing that. Maybe run qjackctl against a remote X11? Hopefully there’s a smarter solution…

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You should add some extra MIDI routing code to the “zynautoconnect” module. Not too difficult.