Help connecting guitar to Zynthian

Hi everybody. I’m triying to connect my acoustic guitar to Zynthian in order to use it as audio processing and Sooperlooper. I know that I will probably need a preamp or a DI box in between, but first I want to check how it works. So far I’ve been using my Zynthian with my midi keyboard and never tried analog input.
I own an official V4.6 kit and the software is updated
To do that I first created an Audio Chain with a Reverb effect, set Audio Options to Mono, set Audio Capture to systemcapture_1 and Audio Output to Mixer. The point is I cannot get any sound, I cannot see any signal on the effect meter in the Mixer screen.

Any help wil be appreciate

What do you have plugged in? You mention an acoustic guitar but there must me some form of transducer to convert the acoustic waves to electrical signal.

You may need to increase the input gain in the audio levels screen

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I would suggest first getting your setup working with a ‘regular line level’ signal - it could be the output from a synth, or a PC, whatever. Then once you’ve established that is working, you can try the guitar output.

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A piezo is not enough to make the meter to move. But you can add pedals that boost the (noisy) signal. Just as a test.

In the end you will tweak the “signal input” and see that you need to level your signal just before the Zynthian. I’m really happy how my wireless system do that, it work great with all my instruments, electric or not.

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Thanks to all for your response.

My guitar features a Fishman preamp. It works nicely connected to my mixer Xenyx Q802USB.
Also I own an old M-Audio Fast Track Pro audio interface which can be used in standalone mode, so I thought to put it in between my guitar and my Zynthian box and didn’t work either.

I’ve checked Audio Levels and everything seems ok. I only have a question, which ADC input should I use? I tried all of them whithout success.

Finaly I tried connecting my keyboard (Kawai ES920) without results.

I bet I’m missing something stupid.


PS. By the way, @Wapata I’m considering to buy the wireless YUER TR-U1

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Hi, again.

Finaly I got it working, but only on right channel. I don`t know what I did wrong, I just did a clean of my configuration. It’s amazing how it works.

As mentioned only works on right channel. I guess it should also work on left channel, right? My goal is to connect 2 guitars, one on right and the left channels , having differents effects for each one, is it possible? If yes, obviously I first need left channel working.


Hi @smespresati !

It should work on both channels, of course. Please, check the audio levels screen. Both channels should be equally configured. Also, check “audio capture” and “audio options” on chain options.


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I only have 1 Audio Chain for testing.

In Audio Capture both options selected, I suppose this will make both channels accepting inputs.

In Audio Options Mono is not selected. I guess in that case it is supposed to be stereo.

Audio levels are equally configured for both channels.


Hello again guys.

After some relaxing days to clear my mind I retake my “fight”.

In my last testing I only got the channel R working but I didn’t know what I did for this to happen.

Today I decided to download latest image and reflash my SD card before to continue my “investigation”. After reflashing I came back to the beginning, I mean after creating a simple Audio Chain and connecting my guitar I got no sound in any input L or R. Reviwed Audio Levels screen and tried every option for ADC (L and R) input values . Then I decided to check Alsamixer and I’ve found that if ADC (left or right) is set to “not select” or VINL1(SE) / VINR1(SE) I have no sound, any other options works as expected…both channel R and L.

I’m not a programmer but I can imagine that ADC Input on Audio Levels screen are somehow linked to Alsamixer options but apparently that didn’t happen in my case.

May this be a bug? or am I doing something wrong?